Mission and Vision

Innovation Policy News provides authoritative news coverage about legislation, regulation, and administrative actions affecting scientific and technological innovation in the U.S. and global economies. These developments matter because innovation drives the economy, affects critical challenges for society, and impacts all aspects of modern life. In addition, public policy shapes the course of innovation by setting goals, allocating resources, providing incentives for research and development, regulating markets, crafting trade rules, and more.

Innovation Policy News’s mission is to serve as a reliable source of news, information, and analysis of the policies and politics affecting the progress of innovation. Our vision is to inform and illuminate readers with news about important developments at the intersection of government and innovation by reporting the facts and providing relevant context through rigorous, objective, and non-partisan journalism.


Executive Editor: Daniel Castro
Editor: Randolph Court
Staff Writers: Gayoung Lee and Sean Conlon
Production & Design Editor: Gillian Diebold
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Editorial Independence Policy

Innovation Policy News is a project of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank focusing on science and technology policy.

Innovation Policy News adheres to standards of editorial independence adopted by the Institute for Nonprofit News. As part of this, we retain full authority over editorial content to protect the best journalistic and business interests of our publication. We maintain a firewall between news coverage decisions and all sources of revenue. Financial support does not constitute implied or actual endorsement of donors or their products, services, or opinions.

We may accept gifts, grants, or sponsorships from individuals or organizations for general support of its activities, but Innovation Policy News makes editorial judgments independently and not on the basis of donor support. We also may consider donations to support the coverage of particular topics, but we maintain editorial control of the coverage. We will not cede right of review or influence over editorial content, nor will we allow unauthorized distribution of editorial content.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we include contextual disclosures when any organization or individual that provides financial support to ITIF appears in our articles.

About ITIF

ITIF is an independent think tank that operates free of external direction or bias from its funders, which include a diverse range of corporations, philanthropies, and individual donors. For transparency, ITIF publishes a list of these supporters on its website.

Use of Our Content

Innovation Policy News stories are available to the public at no charge. All of our content may be republished or syndicated online or in print with the following conditions:

  • Content must be attributed to “Innovation Policy News.”
  • Content must include a link back to the original article on the Innovation Policy News website.
  • Content may not be edited or changed, except for basic style or length.