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Sean Conlon

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Staff writer Sean Conlon ( studies political science at Columbia University. He has interned at CNN and the New York Post and is a deputy editor at the Columbia Spectator.

Administration Launches “Internet for All” Initiative to Close Digital Divide

As part of the $65 billion in federal funding allocated to broadband deployment under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Biden administration recently announced [] it is working to increase access to affordable, high-speed Internet for everyone in the country by 2029.

U.S., Europe Pledge Tighter Coordination Following Latest Transatlantic Tech Talks

Also on the list was enhancing security in the digital world, building up cyber capacities by producing a globally reliable and secure Internet and protecting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) against cyber threats.

DOE Taps Six Universities to Research Cyber Defenses for National Energy Systems

These systems will include features that detect cyber intrusions faster, and then automatically block access to control operations.

U.S.-Singapore Collaboration Imports Smart City Ideas

In this new bilateral partnership with Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) is looking to apply cybersecurity best practices throughout the country.

Administration Adds Commercial Fusion to Its Clean Energy Bets

The administration’s announcement comes as the market pull for commercial fusion has grown exponentially.

FTC Cracks Down on FinTech Company for Aiding Business Scam

These accounts allowed the scammers to run more than $4.6 million in consumer credit card charges.

Biden Administration Tackles Cryptocurrency

The order represents the first ever “whole-of-government” approach to regulate digital assets and sets out a national policy across six main areas.
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