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Start-Up to Use NREL-Patented Renewable Technology in Commercial Filtration Systems

Mars’s sustainable alternative promises to provide a cost-effective path for supplying safe and healthy drinking water.

U.S. Military Bases Deploy Clean Energy Microgrids

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Defense Department are rolling out distributed energy resources to support energy resilience.

NSF Places Research Bets on New Data-Science Institutes

The new investment comes in an effort to harness the power of the data revolution as part of an ongoing NSF program to identify and support emerging opportunities for U.S. leadership in science and technology.

NIAID Pursuing Next-Generation “Pan-Coronavirus” Vaccines

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has awarded more than $36 million to three institutions to conduct research and develop vaccines that can provide broad immunity to coronaviruses such as COVID-19.

EPA Caps Harmful Greenhouse Gases Used in Cooling Equipment

Hydrofluorocarbons have global warming potentials of hundreds to thousands of times greater than carbon dioxide.

NOAA Administrator Pledges Scientific Integrity in Climate Mission

NOAA’s budget request for fiscal year 2022 includes $855 million to spur new research and develop products to better understand climate risks and decision-making.

Lawmakers, NASA Officials Plan Commercial Handoff for International Space Station

Instead of commissioning a new facility, NASA currently plans to use commercial low-earth orbit platforms and rely on commercial service providers to support its work.
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