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White House Developing “Bill of Rights” to Guard Against AI as Congress Probes Ethics Questions

OSTP plans to develop the new bill of rights with agency partners, the private sector, academia, and public input. Meanwhile, a House Task Force on AI held a hearing on ethical concerns in financial services and housing.

Senate Hearing Amplifies Support for Data Breach Legislation

A chorus of witnesses in a Senate Commerce Committee that businesses and consumers need lawmakers to set clear federal rules to deter breaches.

OSTP Sketches Blueprint for a National Strategic Computing Reserve

In the digital age, “break glass in case of emergency” may signal a need to “send in the computer experts.” The NSCS’s volunteer subject-matter experts would resemble the Civil Reserve Air Fleet and the Merchant Marines.

Senators Press for Regulatory Sandboxes to Spur Fintech Innovation

Regulatory sandboxes provide opportunities for fintech organizations to test innovative products and services in a time-bound, regulated environment.

Joint Services Partner With U.S. Allies in Challenge Competition to Develop Tactical AI

The joint services sponsored a challenge competition that began in April with a call for white papers from small-business and non-traditional international industry.

DOE Developing AI for Privacy-Sensitive Datasets

The project comes in response to congressional direction for DOE to expand its collaborative research efforts with NIH in the areas of data and computation.

Reconciliation Package to Include Auction Plans for Wireless Spectrum

The goal is to improve federal use of the 3.1–3.45 gigahertz band of the wireless spectrum through economic analyses, engineering studies, systems work, or other activities, such that at least 200 megahertz of the remaining bandwidth can be auctioned off.
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