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From Megafires to Microgrids, NSF Invests $50M Researching Quantum and AI Solutions

The funding comes as part of NSF’s “Convergence Accelerator” program, which focuses on challenges that require merging ideas, approaches, and technologies across a diverse range of sectors, disciplines, and experts.

“We’re Number 23!” U.S. Lags in Academic R&D Funding

The picture was largely stagnant from 2008 to 2018, as academic R&D expenditures decreased slightly from 0.37 percent of GDP to 0.36 percent.

NIH Awards $185 Million to Research How Genomic Variations Influence Our Health

The funding will come from NIH’s National Human Genome Research Institute, which will provide 25 awards to 30 sites across the country through the Impact of Genomic Variation on Function (IGVF) Consortium.

NSF Announces Six New Science and Technology Centers

The National Science Foundation has announced the creation of six new science and technology centers to advance research and develop transformative technologies that have the potential to produce broad benefits for society in fields ranging from mechanobiology to particle physics to climate change.

House Science Committee Directs $5 Billion to Innovation Hubs in Reconciliation Package

The innovation program involves collaborative partnerships between public and private industries, stimulated by awards from the secretary of commerce, who will oversee a total of $13.5 billion worth of new and expanded initiatives under the Science Committee’s purview.
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