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Christian Richey

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Christian Richey ( is a staff writer at Innovation Policy News. He is currently a senior at the New School studying journalism.

FCC Set to Consider Consumer Labels for Broadband Services

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act directs the FCC to set rules for ISPs to inform consumers about pricing, introductory rates, broadband speeds, data allowances, and the like.

DOE Awarding $100 Million to Scale Up Clean-Energy Projects

To win a SCALEUP grant, applicants must identify potential commercialization partners, ideally representing the viewpoint of target customers to help ensure there will be market adoption.

DOE, DOT Plan to Install 500,000 EV Charging Stations

Paving the way for electric vehicles, the administration is helping states with funding and standards to build out charging infrastructure.

FCC Aims to Promote Satellite Broadband Competition

Revisions to spectrum-sharing rules would speed deployment of a new generation of low-Earth orbit satellite systems offering high speeds and low latency.

Commerce Assembling Advisory Panel on Microelectronics

The goal is to bolster U.S. competitiveness in technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, 5G, and quantum computing.

U.S. Military Bases Deploy Clean Energy Microgrids

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Defense Department are rolling out distributed energy resources to support energy resilience.

NIST Probes Chinese Influence in Global Tech Standards

The issue has been of increased concern for U.S. industry and other stakeholders who fear that China could leverage standards-setting processes to gain competitive advantage in strategically important fields of technology.
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