Gayoung Lee

Gayoung Lee

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  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Staff writer Gayoung Lee ( studies philosophy at NYU, Abu Dhabi. She has interned at Voice of America and the American Enterprise Institute and was managing editor of VO1SS.

Congress Increases Focus on Cybersecurity Risk Management

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is pushing lawmakers to authorize the first set of mandates that specifically address cybersecurity concerns for critical infrastructure and federal agencies.

3 Things to Watch as Congress Wraps Up Competition Bills

Notably, the House version places greater weight on addressing social inequality than the Senate version.

DOE Developing First US Critical Minerals Refinery

The project will turn the waste from coal mining and related activities into key ingredients for a new generation of clean-energy technologies.

SEC Wants Investment Funds to Bolster Their Cyber Defenses

If adopted, a new proposal will constitute the first SEC mandate specifically requiring firms to implement comprehensive cybersecurity programs.
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