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FCC Aims to Promote Satellite Broadband Competition

Revisions to spectrum-sharing rules would speed deployment of a new generation of low-Earth orbit satellite systems offering high speeds and low latency.

5G on Hold in the C-Band Amid Regulatory Flap

The FAA is airing concerns that deploying 5G systems in radio spectrum previously used for satellite TV could interfere with aircraft altimeters.

Commerce Assembling Advisory Panel on Microelectronics

The goal is to bolster U.S. competitiveness in technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, 5G, and quantum computing.

House Lawmakers Line Up Bills to “Hold Big Tech Accountable”

After airing four bills last week to limit Section 230 liability protections, a House subcommittee is set to debate seven more bills on Thursday that would regulate Internet platforms on consumer-protection grounds.

House to Vote on Spectrum Coordination Following FCC, NTIA Clashes

After a series of “process breakdowns,” lawmakers want the FCC and NTIA to update a two-decade-old MOU for resolving spectrum disputes.

NIST Probes Chinese Influence in Global Tech Standards

The issue has been of increased concern for U.S. industry and other stakeholders who fear that China could leverage standards-setting processes to gain competitive advantage in strategically important fields of technology.

Secure Equipment Act Awaits President’s Signature

Lawmakers hope to rid U.S. telecommunications networks of equipment manufactured by Chinese state-backed firms.
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