Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo announced Wednesday the creation of a new committee to advise the president on subjects related to artificial intelligence.

The National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee will advise President Biden and federal agencies on matters such as the state of the science around AI technology, America’s competitiveness in the field, and issues around AI and the workforce, among others. A formal notice in the Federal Register called for nominations to the full committee and its subcommittee on use of AI in law enforcement.

“AI presents an enormous opportunity to tackle the biggest issues of our time, strengthen our technological competitiveness, and be an engine for growth in nearly every sector of the economy,” said Raimondo.

The subcommittee on AI and law enforcement will focus on topics around AI use in policing, including issues such as facial recognition and bias.

“We have seen major advances in the design, development, and use of AI, especially in the past several years,” said Eric Lander, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. “We must be sure that these advances are matched by similar progress in ensuring that AI is trustworthy, and that it ensures fairness and protections for civil rights.”

The committee’s formation comes as part of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act of 2020, passed in January. As prescribed under the law, nine or more members with interdisciplinary expertise and perspectives will serve three-year terms. In addition to issues related to science, competitiveness, workforce, and law enforcement, their remit also will include considering how to leverage AI to streamline government operations, strategic cooperation with allies, legal and ethical concerns, and security issues.

The Department of Commerce is accepting nominees for the committee until October 25.