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Supply Chain Issues Persist as Bills Stall in Congress

Nearly a dozen supply chain bills have been introduced in Congress since the beginning of November, underscoring the sense of urgency.

Commerce Assembling Advisory Panel on Microelectronics

The goal is to bolster U.S. competitiveness in technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, 5G, and quantum computing.

USDA Wades Into Net Neutrality, Drawing Fire From Senate Republicans

A dozen senators say USDA has overstepped its bounds by including net neutrality as a scoring metric for its Broadband ReConnect Program.

DOE Ramps Up Investments in Clean Energy R&D

More than $500 million worth of new investments target solar power and storage for the grid, EV batteries, and other technologies to reduce emissions from cars and trucks.

House Approves New Research Centers to Modernize U.S. Drug Manufacturing

The bill creates centers of excellence for “continuous manufacturing” advances that make drug production faster, cheaper, and more flexible.

Senate Mulls Disclosing Patent Owners to Deter Trolls and Foreign Competitors

Many experts say lack of transparency complicates licensing deals, runs up the cost of patent litigation, and gives foreign rivals a competitive advantage.

Senate Bill Prevents Top Market Platforms From Favoring Their Own Offerings

Industry representatives dispute the bill’s premise and argue it would undermine popular services and skew competition in favor of domestic and foreign platforms not subject to the same rules.
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