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Solar Supply Chain Bill Aims to Upgrade U.S. Manufacturing Facilities

The bill would make current, viable solar technologies available for funding, spur the deployment of advanced solar technologies if DOE concludes they are ready for commercialization.

US, EU Set to Buckle Down on Tech, Trade Issues Following Pittsburgh Summit

Moving forward, the two sides set up 10 working groups to hammer out concrete plans on issues ranging from technology standards to climate-tech, data governance, and technology platforms.

Appalachian Regional Council Grants Fund Broadband, Innovation Initiatives

The grants are part of an ARC initiative that has provided more than $287 million to 362 projects since 2015 to increase economic diversification.

DOD Launches Investment Program to Foster Dual-Use Hardware Start-ups

The program so far has awarded six prototype development contracts to companies working on rocket engine designs, ride-share-capable spacecraft, hydrogen storage, battery chemistry, and high-performance magnets.

Postal Service Revs Up Electric Fleet Plans in Proposed Reconciliation Package

The committee draft initially called for $2.4 billion to electrify USPS vehicles, but the number ballooned to $7 billion after an amendment proposed by Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) passed along party lines.

House Science Committee Directs $5 Billion to Innovation Hubs in Reconciliation Package

The innovation program involves collaborative partnerships between public and private industries, stimulated by awards from the secretary of commerce, who will oversee a total of $13.5 billion worth of new and expanded initiatives under the Science Committee’s purview.

Eyeing Digital Divide, NTIA Reorganizes Broadband Programs With Two New Offices

A new Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth will be the new home for all of NTIA’s broadband initiatives. And among them will be a new Office of Minority Broadband Initiatives.
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